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Translation, proofreading, spoken English coaching, transcription services, and content creation are our forte. We always pay close attention to our customers’ needs and wishes in providing all and any of our services. If you cannot find the exact service you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask, because there is a good chance we can find you a solution.

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Services and pricing

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We excel in providing our customers with high-quality translations (FI–EN–FI). We will also gladly find, for example, a partnering Swedish or German language translator if it is necessary to the project. We are experts in listening to our customers’ needs and wishes, and all translations are handled with the client and the translation’s intended purpose in mind. It is also worth noting that our translators are university-educated professionals, and we will only bring in educated and well-versed translators or experts as collaborators.


We strongly recommend that you always ask us for a quote because pricing examples may not accurately reflect the offer made to you.

Translations are priced based on the type of text (non-specialized or specialized language), text length, turnaround time, and the purpose for which the translation is created (publication, intra-business communication, and so on). We generally price our translations per word. Most translation projects are in the following price ranges: FI–EN €0.13–0.24 per source text word and EN–FI €0.12–0.22 per source text word.

Pricing examples:

Abstracts for students’ theses or dissertations translated (FI–EN or EN–FI) for a fixed price of €70 (24% VAT included in the price). Abstract translations with a priority turnaround time of 24 hours (from accepting the job) are offered for €100 (VAT included).

A 500-word non-specialized language text translated from Finnish to English for publication purposes, with a turnaround time of five (5) business days, for €85 + 24% VAT.

A 500-word mostly non-specialized language text translated from Finnish to English for intra-business communication, with a turnaround time of seven (7) business days, for €65 + 24% VAT.

We strongly recommend that you always ask us for a quote because pricing examples may not accurately reflect the offer made to you.

Proofreading / Editing

We offer proofreading and editing services for Finnish and English texts. If necessary for the project, we can also find a collaborative language expert for other languages. Proofreading services are a good choice, for example, when you need be sure that your prints do not have typing errors or grammar mistakes or when you cannot spare the time to proofread your text. If the text is not in your native language, it may be wise to include a proofreader who can help you avoid poor word choices, in addition to typing errors or grammar mistakes.


Proofreading projects are generally billed based on hours, pages (1,560 characters, incl. spaces) or words, as per agreement. The pricing will depend, for example, on the quality of the source text, the type of language used (non-specialized or specialized), and the turnaround time for the text. For example, proofreading a 500-word English text of decent quality, with a turnaround time of five (5) business days, could cost €40 + 24% VAT.

Be sure to ask us for a quote because the pricing examples may not reflect the actual offer made to you.

Transcription Services

We offer five kinds of transcription services in Finnish and English:

Transcription prices, starting at € per hour of audio (a VAT of 24% will be added):

Standard: two speakers, €55; three speakers, €65; over three speakers, €75.

Exact: two speakers, €75; three speakers, €85; over three speakers, €95.

Proofread: two speakers, €75; three speakers, €85; over three speakers, €95.

Summarizing: two speakers, €55; three speakers, €65; over three speakers, €75.

Translation & Transcription is always priced specifically for the project.

Regardless of the transcription type, make sure to always ask for a quote from us to get accurate pricing information.

Instant Translation Packages

Sometimes, a ready-for-print translation of a long text is not what you need or you are in a hurry to get to the crucial information and nothing else. Our Instant Translation Packages are intended to meet the need for urgent translations meant, for example, for personal use, social media or a business email. These packages are generally not recommended for texts aimed at print publications.


The standard Instant Translation Package costs €100 + 24% VAT, and the package includes four (4) instant translations, with a maximum length of c. 150 words per text.

The main idea behind the Instant Translation Package is that each instant translation receives about 30 minutes of dedicated working time, and the translation will be delivered within two hours. It is not possible to combine two or more of the four instant translations at once to have a longer text translated. Note also that we do not recommend that you have complex, highly field-specific texts translated as instant translations, because texts that deal with specialized fields require a lot of research when translated, meaning that an accurate high-quality translation cannot be guaranteed within the 30-minute working timeframe.

Spoken English Coaching

We offer spoken English coaching for non-native speakers of English. The coaching does not simply focus on pronunciation and intonation, but cultural considerations and differences in ways of communication are also addressed to further benefit the student. Whether you are involved in international business, planning a vacation, preparing to give a speech or lecture in English or interested in improving your spoken English skills, we can help you reach a new level. We understand the stressful nature of communicating in a foreign language, and it is of great importance to us that our clients feel comfortable during our meetings so that we can concentrate on the real task at hand and make the most of our time together.


Spoken English coaching is generally offered at an hourly rate of €50 (24% VAT included). If the student requires material and coaching that revolve around a specific field of expertise or specialized language, the price will be negotiated separately with the student. Note that we are more than happy to arrange package deals that include several lessons.

The first session is always a diagnostic meeting, which will help us determine the most important points of improvement for each student. Based on the diagnostic meeting, the student will receive materials and exercises that will allow them to develop their skills independently, which means that even one or two sessions can benefit a student considerably. However, we recommend a minimum of one session in addition to the diagnostic meeting because this allows us to educate the student on how to reach the best results with the material and exercises given to them.

Note that we are always happy to work with bands or artists who wish to improve the way they sing in English, and in these situations a customized package is tailored to best meet the needs of the client, so do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.


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Content Creation

Some of us are wordsmiths; others are actual smiths. If your expertise lies in something other than written communication, but you need high-quality written content for your website or brochure, we can write that content for you based on background information and/or source material. Content creation is always priced according to the specific project, so be sure to contact us for a quote!

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